Monday, April 23, 2012

The Giftcard-dilemma

You probably recognize this.
You need to buy a gift for a birthday or any other kind of celebration, but you don’t know what to buy. Flowers or a bottle of wine are boring and a giftcard is not so fun to give either. If you give one, you feel unoriginal and as if you didn’t put any effort in the gift. It’s a standard thing you buy, even though these days you can even choose between different prints on the card… It’s nothing personal, but you want to give a personal gift.
I had this too a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to give a giftcard to someone who was moving to another house, but lately I’m not so keen on giving something standard and mass-produced.
After a little thinking I did buy the card, but decided to get creative and give it a personal twist. I’ve made a little giftcard-holder from some paper and a little ribbon. In that way it’s original, personal (I wrote a message inside the paper) and unique.

I really like the outcome and thought maybe other people have this ‘problem’  too. So now I’ve made some stock of it and you can buy it in my JCLN Etsy-shop. Every giftcard-holder is different and unique and you can make it personal with a message inside of it.
And remember: nobody likes to give a giftcard, but everybody like to receive one!
Do you recognize this dilemma? And what do you think of this solution? Let me know in the comment-section below!

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