Saturday, May 24, 2014

It's Time for a Blogbreak

With two extra projects and two extra courses, it's been quite busy the last few weeks. And with my final exams around the corner, it's about to get even busier.
That's why I'm going to take a blogbreak for at least 4 weeks. To give myself more time to focus on my study and make sure I'll pass my exams (yes, I will).
And also I'll use this time to rethink all the stuff about my blog and Etsy shop. To refocus on why I blog & create, to get inspired for future blogposts and to get really motivated again. The last few weeks blogging became more of  a thing on my to-do list, instead of something I did with passion and love.
So it's time to refocus the laserbeam of love for blogging and creativity.
I'll be back with you somewhere in July, so take care and I'll meet you here in a bit of time.

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