Thursday, May 8, 2014

The London Journal 2014

I'm back again!
I had 9 lovely days in the city I love so dear: London.
A lot of time was spent in parks, strolling around and reading books. You might say that's not really holliday material. Walking in parks and reading books is also something you could do at home.
True. Last year I visited London for the first time and I had a loooong list of things I wanted to do. I did get to do a lot, but in the mean time I haven't really taken time to look around and enjoy what I saw. I was just 'running' from one event to the other.
So this time I've set myself a rule: no fast walking, no hurrying, take time to sit down on a bench and look around you. And that's exactly what I did.
Ofcourse I did visit some museums, tourist spots & all.
With a tear in my eyes I left the city, because I think I won't be visiting London again this year. But there's always the pictures to remember the good times. I'll show you the highlights and the stuff I enjoyed this time.

This year I stayed at my friend Rasa, who I met last year when I was in London. We had a lot of fun, made sushi and spent some time together. She also has a really nice blog: Friendly Nettle.

The best thing about London: the Tower Bridge. Last time I fell in love with it, and this time the love grew even stronger.

Hyde Park, the biggest park in London. I love spending time there, especially when there's a bit of sun.
In this park there's also the Diana Memorial Fountain, the Albert Memorial and next to it is the Royal Albert Hall.

One evening I spent almost 2 hours in the highest building in London: The Shard. I got there a little over an hour before sunset and it was magical to see all the lights come on in the city.

And ofcourse there was some nice food, here's the ones I enjoyed the most.

I've also visited some museums and did some shopping.
Victoria & Albert Museum

Victoria & Albert Museum

Victoria & Albert Museum

M&M's World

M&M's World

Borough Market

Lovely shops in Shoreditch

I bought a real Orla Kiely bag from a sample sale!

And to finish it off, some other random stuff I did.

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